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TP-Link Wireless (Kablosuz) LAN 6dBi 2.4GHz Indoor Desktop Yagi Antenna
Coax Wireless (Kablosuz) LAN Anten Uzatma Kablosu, 2 metre
Coax Wireless (Kablosuz) LAN Anten Uzatma Kablosu, 5 metre
Coax Wireless (Kablosuz) LAN Anten Uzatma Kablosu, 10 metre
Coax Wireless (Kablosuz) LAN Anten Adaptör Kablosu, TNC erkek reverse - SMA dişi reverse, 5 cm (Coax Wireless LAN Antenna adapter cable TNC male reverse to SMA female reverse, Length 5cm)
Network Adapter PCI 10 Mbps
AT-2500TX - PCI Network Adapter
PCI Express Gigabit Network Adapter (100 m, 10/100/1000T x 2 PCI Express x 1 network adapter)
10/100/1000T Secure Desktop Network Interface Card (PCI-Express)
PCI 64 Network Adaptör, 1000Base-SX, IEEE 802.3z
Network Adaptör
10/100Base-TX RJ45 port Media Dependent Adapter
Expansion module 1 Gbps, Uplink 1000BaseT
1000Base-SX SC Expansion Module
MDA 2Port FX/SC Modül
Basic Rate ISDN (S) Port Interface Card (PIC), 1 BRI port w/ integrated NT-1, supports 2 channels each at 64Kbps; AR400/700 Series Routers and AR040 NSM
Leased Line and Frame Relay Router with ISDN Access
UTM Firewall (2 x GE WAN and 8 x 10/100/1000 LAN)
Expansion Modules, One 1000BASE-LX port 5 km
100Base-FX/SC Expansion Module, 2 x 100BASE-FX ports