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TestPro Copper Cable Certification and multi-gig SNR and PoE testing combo kit
DisplayPort extension cable, DP, M/F, 2.0m, w/interlock, DP 1.2 conform, bl
18.5" LCD screen with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, Turkish Keyboard, 1U Ultra Short Depth Dual Rail WideScreen FHD LCD Console (USB / HDMI / DVI / VGA)
8-Port PS/2-USB VGA LCD KVM over IP Switch with 17" LED-backlit LCD monitor in a Slideaway™, Turkish keyboard, Daisy-Chain Port and USB Peripheral Support
16-Port PS/2-USB VGA 17"LCD KVM over IP Switch with Daisy-Chain Port and USB Peripheral Support, English keyboard
4-Port USB DVI Multi-View KVMP™ Switch
4 x 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Industrial Hub Switch
Beek Dijital Multimetre (Digital Multimeter)
Beek Dijital Multimetre (Digital Multimeter)
5in1 Multiport A/V cable converter, 0.2m,Input:mDP+DP+HDMI+Type-C+VGA,Output:HDMI, up to 4K, CE, bl, gold
USB Type C to VGA Adapter, Full HD 1080p, + USB C (PD), black
USB Type C to HDMI + VGA Adapter, 4K/30Hz / Full HD 1080p, black
Digitus USB Type-C Multiport Dock, 6 Port, 4K, HDMI, 1x USB-C, 2x USB3.0, MicroSD, SD/MMC, silver
Digitus Wall Mount for LCD/LED monitor up to, 69cm (27") fix mount, 18kg max load max VESA 100x100
Digitus LC-LC Fiber Optik Patch Kablo, 20 metre, Multimode, Duplex, 50/125, OM3
Digitus Gigabit PoE++ Splitter, 802.3bt, Power Pins: 4/5(+),7/8(-) or 3/6(+),1/2(-), 10/100/1000Mbps, 12V/7A 85W
HDMI Extender Set, 50 m, over network cable (CAT 6/6a/7), EDID, 1x HDMI loop out, FHD 1080p
Stackable Managed Switch (M4300-52G-PoE+ 550W PSU (GSM4352PA))
48 x 1G PoE+
2 x 10GBASE-T
2 x SFP+ (550W PSU)
L2+ Switch
50 x 10/100/1000
4 x paylaşımlı SFP port
802.11n Wireless Internet Fiber Router (mini-GBIC, SFP) with 4-port switch