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FDDI-SC Duplex MM (Multimode), 1 metre
Transceiver FiberOptic to AUI 10BaseFL
DIGITAL MultiStack System stacking unit with AUI no pwrcd for DECrepeater 90T-16
DECREPEATER 90T-16 16 stackable unit
DECrepeater 90T-16 stackable unit with AUI
Modular Media Interface (MMI) Options for Fast Ethernet products VNswitch 900EX, XX, XA
Resim Yok
Modular Media Interface (MMI) Options for MultiSwitch 300 product, Dual-port 100BASE-FX expansion card
Resim Yok
100BaseTX Expansion Card
11 port 100 BaseTX MultiSwitch Hub 612TX
MultiSwitch 600 Stack Station
MultiSwitch 600 Stack Station
10Base5 Modular Media Interface (MMI)
Modular Media Interface (MMI) Carrier Card (One card required for up to two MMIs)
12-port 10BaseT expansion group
DIGITAL MultiSwitch 900 8-slot Intelligent Switching Chassis (includes one power supply)
Multiswitch 600 Rack Mount Tray
Connector Module, Unshuttered, Colour: White
Connector Module, Shuttered, 22.50 x 50, Color: White
Connector Module, British Telecom, Colour: White
Keystone Jack Takmak İçin Priz (86/86 mm) Çerçevesi