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Router, one 10BaseT, console port and one serial port (2Mbps)
Ethernet/Serial Modular Router
Multiport Serial Router, 1 x Ethernet (AUI/10BaseT), 1 x ISDN BRI port (RJ-45), 10 x Serial port
Access Server, 1-port Ethernet AUI, 2-port Serial, 1-port BRI (S/T), 8-port Async/Sync Serial, IP software
16 Port Communication Server
1000BASE-LX/LH long haul GBIC (singlemode or multimode)
Gigabit Ethernet Male SC multi-mode, SC single mode network cable with male to male connectors, 3.5 meters
Blank NP Panel For Cisco 4000 Series
Cisco AccessPro PC Ethernet/Serial Router Card
Resim Yok
Quad V.34 Analog/Digital Modem Card
Male DTE RS-232 Kablosu, 3 metre
90 Male 90 Female Catalyst 5000, 1.5 metres
DTE RS-449 3000 Cable, 3 metres
DB50 Male To V.35 Male DTE 3000 Cable V2, 3 meters
Cisco 4000 D50 Male - RS232 DTE D25 Male, 3 meters
Cable For Cisco 4000 series, DB50 Male To X21 DCE D15 Female, 3 meters
X.21 DTE Cisco 4000 Series Cable, 3 metres
Cable Asynchronous 8 Port RJ45
Cisco Modem/Konsol Kablosu (Cisco Modem/Console Cable), RJ45 <-> DB25 Erkek Konsol/Modem Kablosu
RS-232 Cable DTE Male to Smart Serial, 3 metres